Thursday, February 2, 2012

Just another day

Just checking in... not much going on right now.

That printer showed up this week. I was really surprised to see it so early. And instead of selling it, I'm going to send it to my sister. She said her boyfriend could use it for his work.

The sweepstakes site I use has a forum. And one of the members posted a couple of days ago that she won $10,000. That really gives me hope that I can win something like that one of these days. Just gotta keep plugging along!

On the work front, I'm still looking. I never heard anything back from that telemarketing job. Which is kind of odd, since those kinds of places have such a high turnover, that they'll hire almost anyone. I might try and give them another call next week. And today I applied for a data entry job. But there's just still not much out there. I get a job search emailed to me every day and it seems like most of the jobs are for forklift drivers or nannies. I can't drive a forklift and there's no way in hell I could be a nanny. Half the time, I'm looking for someone to watch my kid for me.

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