Thursday, April 26, 2012

It costs how much?!?

Still on my winning streak, I suppose. Because yesterday I got an email that I won a hair dryer worth $180. Um, what? What in the world could a hair dryer do that would make it worth $180? Here is a link to it, this one shows that it's worth $150. And all the reviews I've seen online say it's a nice dryer.

Now, I'm not complaining. Far from it. I need a new dryer and it's always nice to win something I'd never buy for myself. I'm just wondering what in the world makes it so expensive.

Eh, I'm getting old. Kids these days and their expensive hair dryers and hula hoops. Get off mah lawn.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I broke it??

My losing streak, that is. I might have broken it.

April has been a halfway decent month. Got a few gift cards, including one to the NFL shop for 50 bucks and over the weekend, I got an email saying I had won a Samsung Galaxy S II. I think that's the biggest thing I've won so far. I'm going to give it to my husband though, since I don't even have a real mobile phone plan right now. I've got one of those freebie phones that you can get if you're on some kind of government assistance. I got it from my sister who got it when she was on food stamps. It's a stupid, crappy phone and it does nothing but make calls and texts (sort of). Eh, it's a phone though. Hopefully when I get back to work I can get another real phone. I miss having a smartphone.

On the work front, things still don't look good. I've been applying to just about everything and have been on a few interviews, but nothing yet. And I got conflicting info about my unemployment benefits. The first guy I talked to last month told me I'd be approved for an extension that would most likely take me through September. But I spoke to someone else yesterday that said they've had some cuts and I only have 3 weeks of benefits left.


So now I'm REALLY applying to everything. Hell, I even applied to McDonald's. That's how desperate I am. But there's a woman here in the complex that does some light industrial work of some kind and she said her work is hiring. She was supposed to be getting an application for me. My husband is going to try and get in touch with her today to see if she got it. I'll stand in an assembly line and work on widgets. Or maybe it's like the beer factory from Laverne and Shirley. Bye-bye, glove.

Or maybe I'll just win about four $5,000 sweeps this week. Yeah, think that's what I'll do.